Let us help you succeed


So, you are considering crowdfunding to raise funds and/or test the market for your next venture. Brilliant. One decision down,

lots more to come!


Maybe you have tried crowdfunding in the past and it didn’t quite go to plan. Perhaps this is your first time and you want to make sure you learn as much as possible before you start. Whatever your reasons, we would be delighted to come along for the ride and help you avoid being one of the 70% of crowdfunding campaigns that fail; a shockingly high figure! 

We have designed this comprehensive package to guide you through the crowdfunding process, with tips, templates and tools gleaned from our own personal crowdfunding experience. 


Our mission is to offer jargon-free, affordable support to exciting crowdfunding projects around the UK and hit that 70% statistic where it hurts! We want you to succeed and experience the high of nailing a campaign, and we are confident that the Equinox ‘Time to Crowdfund’ package can get you one step

closer to that goal.


What can you expect; 

*Pre-campaign 1:1 planning support*

(To get you off on the right foot and plan a killer campaign)


*Mid-campaign 1:1 support*

(To keep your momentum going and troubleshoot if needed!)


*Crowdfunding guide*

(Everything we learnt from our own successful CF journey)


*Campaign planner*

(Pull together all the strings and CF like a pro!)


*Rewards planner*

(Get the rewards and the money right from the start)


*Campaign marketing planner*

(Ensure your message gets to the right people at the right time)


*Campaign PR planner*

(Pull out the big guns with a media boost to your campaign)


*Action plan*

(Use your brain for processing not storage. Get your plans down)


*Plus, momentum throughout the campaign from the

Equinox cheerleaders (us!)*

(Gimme a 'Y'. Gimme a 'O'. Gimme a 'U')

All this for only £180