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Money Talks

Did you know...


* 39% of adults in the UK (20.3 million) don’t feel confident managing their money;

* 11.5 million have less than £100 in savings;

* nearly nine million of us are in serious debt, and only around a third receive help;

* 55% of people don’t feel comfortable opening up when they have worries about their financial situation;

* Despite 48% admitting they have regularly worried about money;


According to the Money and Pensions service, the most common reasons why UK adults avoid talking about their money situation

1. Shame / embarrassment (18%)

2. Not wanting to burden others (18%)

3. It’s not how they were brought up (15%)

4. It causes stress or anxiety (15%)

5. Thinking they should be more successful than they are (13%)

Shame hides in the shadows. We all feel it. We all hide it, but it feeds off the darkness like a parasite. Being open and honest about your money worries with someone you trust is the only antedote to that shame.


So, if you are worrying about money, click the button below to download a copy of the Money Advice Service’s guide to talking about money.