7 Refreshingly Real Tips to Create a Great Morning Routine

I think I found the worlds WORST book!

No joke.

I read it for a Podcast book review last year and I had quite an extreme reaction to it.

My husband (who watched me choke, eye roll and 'whaaaat!' my way through it) asked me why I was wasting my time on it if I loathed it that much.

"I had made a commitment and I was seeing it through." (That's just the kind of woman I am!)

The book utterly defined the phrase 'All filla, no killa' by managing to fill 336 pages fluffing around the core message of 'get up at 5am and plan for your day physically, mentally and spiritually'.

Sorry, spoiler alert!

As much as it set feminism back a couple of decades, and confused the hell out of any reader not expecting the Mills-and-Boon-esque story that encased it's core messge; there were [said in a hushed voice] a handful of good learning points.

I say this as someone who has played around with morning routines for several years and has found some benefit from them. I have also made my fair share of mistakes!

So today, I wanted to share my top tips for creating a morning routine in case you felt like you were ready to set that alarm.

Here we go;

1. Spending some time alone each morning (even if only a few minutes) to consider the day ahead is better than not spending any time at all.

2. Writing a Ninja to-do list (3-5 items) that are non-negotiables for that day, taking some deep breaths, stretching, and having a large glass of water, will make enough of a difference to your day justify the change in routine.

3. Don't let any book or person tell you what you SHOULD be doing. Personally, getting up at 5am every day would floor me (for lots of personal reasons), but 6.30am (30 minutes before the kids/dog/husband gets up) is perfect for me to wake up, regroup, reflect and prepare for the day.

4. Try different activities in the morning and see what fits you, your life and your aspirations. Some of us like to journal, read, affirm intentions, create to-do lists, exercise, meditate or stretch. For some of us, taking our time to adjust to being awake or just scrolling through social media guilt-free is just what the doctor ordered!

5. Crashing straight in with a 2hr sleep cull will be painful, demotivating and frankly, exhausting! Build up to it by setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier each week, and try to go to bed earlier to compensate. Your brain needs some time to adjust.

6. Be clear about on your objective for getting up earlier. How do you want to feel? What difference do you want it to make to your day/week/month? How will you know if it is making a difference?

7. There will be times of the month you will need more sleep. There will be seasons where you need more sleep. Some mornings the alarm will go off and every ounce of you wants to stay in bed. Listen to your body and don't beat yourself up. It's cool.


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