Coaching, pah!

What the hell is coaching anyway?

A trendy buzzword?

A vanity activity that you tell all your other business pals that you do?

A flimsy (expensive) conversation that does bugger all to actually help you sell more?

Something that people who can’t, do?

Well (unsurprisingly) we are going to tell you something different. But not just because we are coaches who want to work with you. No. This is a transformation story, about us.

There was a time when not knowing all the answers meant that we saw ourselves as utterly shit at what we did and, quite frankly, we didn’t deserve to be in the business that we were running. We would hide what we didn’t know and fumble our way through business meetings. After all, our first business was a manufacturing business. We were two new mums in a man’s world, with no freaking clue what we were doing. We took babies to business meetings and made notes on crumpled scraps of paper scuffed with biscuit crumbs. We felt judged for bringing iPads, sweet treats and blankets to meetings at factories. We felt idiotic for asking ‘stupid’ questions when we didn’t understand. We felt intimidated by everyone else’s smart appearance when we spotted baby vomit on our shoulders. We could hear the tutting when we would tag team crying babies in business meetings. We could feel the thickness of their conviction we would fail. Why on earth would we add insult to injury and admit we needed some help? Business coaching would just be another man, in another smart office, who would judge us like all the rest did. We knew we didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t need to pay someone to tell us that!

But then things changed. We gave up. We hit a wall and admitted defeat. It was just too damn hard, and we were going round in circles, spending money we didn’t have. Enough was enough.

Several months later we received an email inviting us to a free conference with a really interesting guest speaker. It was free and we had an offer of childcare, so off we went. Little did we know that decision would change our lives forever.

The short story is that the speaker was amazing. He was unlike any other businessman we had encountered on our journey; speaking about serendipity, the power of saying yes and trusting the in the universe. He had used his gut rather than any business experience to build a multi-million-pound empire. It was not only refreshing; it was inspiring. At the end of the conference when everyone was heading out the door, this speaker was stood by his chair looking at his phone. We decided to go and thank him for his words and tell him how impactful they had been. What we didn’t anticipate, is that we would walk away from that conversation with our first coach!

18 months after that chance meet, our product was not only launched, but on the shelves of one the UK's biggest high street retailers.

How? Was it because he did it all for us? Not at all. He lived almost 200 miles away. Did he introduce us to everyone we needed? Some, but by no means everyone we needed, and we didn’t use most of them anyway. Did he give us all the answers? Ha ha! Not at all! Our product was for large-busted women. He didn’t claim to be an expert (as much he would have liked to have been!). So WTAF?

He challenged our limiting beliefs, questioned our decisions, provided practical advice, became our biggest cheerleader and inspired us to freaking go for it! He helped us see the wall in front of us, and then empowered us to find our own ways to get over it. Nothing had changed apart from our mindset and having someone with a bit of experience in our corner. Our love of coaching was born.

Since the birth of our first business, we have become obsessed with pushing our comfort zones, saying yes more and seeking help from decent people who fit ‘us’. And I don’t think we will ever stop. Coaching has seen us go from shrinking violets whose imposter syndrome voice shouted louder than our own, to facing the Dragons on BBCs Dragons Den, appearing as the faces of Natwest Business Banking, successfully crowdfunding, winning amazing awards and being invited to speak all over the place about female enterprise. We learnt in a very short space of time that coaching isn’t just self-indulgence, a soppy conversation or a waste of money. It is a catalyst for the future you want.

And now, many years on, we have the absolute privilege of doing this for you.


To find out how coaching could help you and your business move forward, book a FREE exploration call with us here.


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