Create something everyday, even if it's a bit sh*t!

I picked this card up at a local craft market the other week, and it really made me smile. It also really made me stop and think.

I invest time in building my #business know-how, my personal self-command, by physical fitness and my spiritual essence, but where is the space to grow my creative muscles?

I’ll tell you where; no where!

Being ‘creative’ feels like an indulgent waste of time that can’t possibly be put before ‘real’ work (a bit like that taboo word, rest!)

Creativity is not being given enough air time as a business necessity in my opinion, so this post aims to address that balance in a small way.

There is real energy in rolling your sleeves up and physically creating something, but creativity can be so many other things, and is a vital skill in business.

In fact, a study conducted by IBM revealed that 60% of CEO’s cite creativity as the most important leadership quality, yet (if we are honest) how empowered do we feel to nurture this part of ourselves. Not very!

As business owners, creativity equals innovation. If we don’t innovate our businesses, they die. Simple as. Yet we feel increasing pressure to be more productive and less pressure to be creative. This feels like a car crash waiting to happen.

With the human attention span now officially 1 second less than a goldfish, creativity in your #marketing has never been so important!

It's important for solid mental health too. We aren’t robots, we are emotional beings who have more to offer than #productivity. Glossing over this will start to have knock on effects to our #wellbeing.

So, here are some #tips to help you boost your creativity.

1. Most people feel at their most creative when they are in the shower. In a 2014 global study conducted by Kaufman, 72% reported having some kind of new insight in the shower. Get that loofah out people!

2. We need to be inspired to be creative. Get out there and experience new things to enable that brain to start thinking creatively.

3. Turn it on and off again! Just like a stroppy laptop, our brains need time to rest. Daydreaming is a great way to enable our brains to wander and have new, unexpected thoughts.

4. Being alone helps. The fewer distractions and pressures the better. Head out for a walk or a drive and allow your mind to go wild!

5. Get enough sleep. Getting into a deep sleep, and coming back to our dream state has been shown to boost creative thinking.

6. Surround yourself with people more creative than you! As we become the average of the 5 people we hang around with, make sure you have some creatives in the mix!

7. #Innovation ping pong. This is a game I like to play with my clients to help them come up with new ideas. #Coaching can be a great way to challenge the way you think and help you to get out of your own head. If you fancy trialling a session, use the link in the comments below!

How do you make sure you stay creative in your business?


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