Feeling the festive pressure?

Love it or hate it, #Christmas is coming, and with it comes all the highs and lows as we try to plan for, and live up to, our magical idea of what Christmas should be.

Whether your are thinking about your #business or home life, the pressure we place on ourselves to get it right can be intense, and hugely counter productive to an actual Merry Christmas.

The impossibly perfect images portrayed in the media, swirled with our own hazy, magical childhood memories mean that many of us get to this time of year and start feeling the pressure to push the ‘Perfect Christmas’ button, at whatever cost.

Business owners start to pin hopes on how they can make this their ‘best Christmas yet’ so they can end the year on a high after what has been a flippin’ chronic couple of years (for many).

Parents are bombarded with media images of happy, well-behaved, grateful kids unwrapping beautiful gifts under an impeccably decorated tree.

Single people see nothing but happy, straight couples, achingly cool groups of friends and insta-worthy families.

And this is how the unreachable becomes the yard-stick by which we gamble our happiness for the next 6 weeks. Cheers!

Well, I want to counter that right now.

I know my artificial tree will smell a bit weird having been in the loft all year.

I know my new puppy will destroy all efforts of beautiful decorations.

I know my kids will eat chocolate for breakfast and not get enough sleep.

I know as a result of this, they will be riding the rollercoaster of extreme highs and snotty, shouty, teary lows.

I know I will forget something.

I know I will be secretly disappointed with at least one gift.

I know I will feel guilty for not working enough.

I know I will feel guilty for not spending every second creating magical moments for my kids.

I know I will regret eating and drinking so much.

I know my bank balance won’t be as great as I wanted it to be at the end of the year.

I know I won’t win at everything.

I know that's ok.

Instead I am asking myself these questions.

1. If I could pick ONE goal for my family and/or business this Christmas, what would it be?

2. If I could pick ONE goal for me, what would it be?

3. How will I know if I have achieved these goals?

4. What support do I need to achieve these goals?

5. What’s my empowered, realistic wish for this Christmas?

Here’s what I came up with;

1. Family: That we slow down and reconnect. Business: That our customers understand how much we value them.

2. To intentionally not waste time on anything that doesn’t serve my goals.

3. I will be calmer, more content and recharged.

4. I need to discuss these questions with my family/colleagues and design the 'real' Christmas we want, then each play our part in holding each other to account.

5. This Christmas is about presence rather than presents, acceptance over perfection, and re-charge rather than super-charge.

What would your answers be?


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