Here's why your brain is fooling you...

Look at this picture and tell me the first thing you see.

Got it?

Personally, I saw a raw chicken, and once I saw it I couldn’t un-see it.

My business partner saw a giant with a tail.

Other people have claimed to see monsters, faces, skulls, dragons, various foods... it's quite remarkable.

But here's the thing. It's just an ink blot.

It isn't ANY of the things we think we see.

It's just random ink on a page.

So why do our brains see things in these blots when there is nothing there?

Simply put, our brains can't tolerate ambiguity, and they make a point of organising the chaos into something that makes more sense to us. It feels safer if we feel we can identify and understand what we see or feel.

It's the same reason our brains try to find reason and meaning in situations there simply isn't.

What these ink-blot tests have also proven to phsychologists is that when we have an exisiting frame of reference, our brains seem hard-wired to find it's 'order' within that frame of reference.

For example, if you believe that people don't like you very much, you will find proof of this belief in all your social interactions, when in fact, they are just neutral interactions.

"She looked at me weird. She doesn't like me."

"She said she liked my presentation. She was just being polite."

"He didn't invite me. He obviously hates having me around."

Sound familiar?

We do it ALL THE TIME.

What's the harm? We're just protecting ourselves, right?

Hmmm. Check this out.

When we consistently find evidence for our beliefs all around us (especially negative beliefs), we adapt our behaviour to restore balance and 'feel' better.

👉🏼 We try harder to please.

👉🏼 We get more defensive.

👉🏼 We hide away and don't speak up.

👉🏼 We stop taking risks.

👉🏼 We LIMIT ourselves.


... and the real kicker? This is happening sub-consciously so most of the time we aren't even aware we are doing it.

Genuine question. What would be possible for you if you were not only aware of when this was happening, but if you could actually turn down the dial when you needed to?


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