Hey! Want to be more productive?

Let's talk about productivity.

Now, I don't know about you, but I am a busy human. Apparently, I have the same amount of time as Beyonce, but I’m convinced that I have a little time hoover that sucks my days up when I’m not looking!

I co-own two businesses, I sing in a band, have two children, a husband, a dog and a neglected allotment, so I'm fairly tight on time. And, full disclosure, I can honestly say I'm not always the most organised of people in this department.

I've learned over the years not to rely solely on my brain and willpower alone. These start as well-intentioned allies, but are quickly fatigued and before I know it, they have kicked back, grabbed a snack and are watching the chaos unfurl, powerless and frankly not remotely ‘bovvered’!

Please tell me I am not alone in this?

Over the years, I have honed a set of tools that have helped me to become a very productive person, in spite of myself. I wanted to take a moment to share these with you.

Here we go…

⭐️ Set some goals! Break these up into monthly targets and tasks. I know you have a million and one other things to do, but these tasks should remain high on your priority list every day to make sure you are moving towards what you really want.

⭐️ Be realistic about your to do list. Creating one master list can be a useful way of freeing up brain space, but that list can also be overwhelming. Try working through and picking three to five items that need to be dealt with that day (prioritising the ones that directly help you work towards your personal goals above).

⭐️ Take breaks. Sounds bonkers, right? Studies have shown that our productivity starts to drop considerably after around 45 minutes of concentration, and the optimum break ‘time’ is 17 minutes. Fresh air, fluid and movement will all help to restore those productivity batteries.

⭐️ My secret weapon. Transcribe apps. Brace yourself … this post was written for me by an app on my phone listening to me talk on the way back from the school run this morning. MIND BLOWN!

I use but there are loads. I talk, it types, then I can access the file on my laptop when I get home. When the mood takes me, my phone goes to work (hands-free) to transcribe my brain.

⭐️ Use appointments. If you (like most of us) struggle to prioritise yourself and use the word ‘No’, try this. Make an appointment in your diary for you-time. Whether that is for working on your own stuff, or just not working! You can label it creatively, but when someone asks if you can do something for them, you can legitimately say that you have an appointment, so you could maybe do another time. And the best part is nobody wants to know what the appointment is for because, hey, it might be something really personal, right? (Sneaky!)


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