How to reach your ideal customer this Christmas (and beyond)

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a great product and want to shout about just how great it is - you know that if people saw it they would buy it. But when it comes to sales, the money coming in is more than a little underwhelming. Competitors (often with inferior products) are out-selling you and it feels as though no-one has ever really heard of your brand. It’s frustrating and makes you wonder if this journey was really worth it.

Well, with around £25 billion being spent on Christmas gifts in the UK alone, there is PLENTY share of that for your company. However, around £7 billion is spent on advertising which can all too often drown out the smaller businesses.

So, what can you do? Check out below for our quick guide to getting seen by your ideal customer this Christmas:

Define your audiences and what they are looking for

Who are you talking to? A simple but often overlooked part of a marketing strategy. Defining who your most valuable customers are (who will spend the most money with the least amount of effort) will help you direct your campaign from the start. If your audience are young fashionable women you will be talking to them in a very different way than if they are 60 year old men. What they want to see is different and where you will find them hanging out (online or in person) will be different (i.e. the 60 year old man is unlikely to be on TikTok). Defining who you are targeting will help you create a relevant direction for your campaign.

NOTE: You may have more than one type of customer (maybe both of the above ARE your customers), in which case, create a different campaign for each of them so your messages really resonate.

Niche your offering

The more niche you are, the better when it comes to marketing. Trying to sell everything to everyone will mean you are spread too thin to make an impact against giant corporations with millions to spend. However spending your budget by really focussing on your core product and core audience will help you to make noise in an otherwise crowded market.

Use storytelling, benefits and emotions to tap into peoples connection to buy

People are far more likely to buy if they have an emotional connection to the product or brand. Your product may be the best on the market, but if the audience aren’t buying into why they need it, you will be getting nowhere. A useful exercise to help you determine the right messaging is to consider the features of the product and the benefits of it. For example, the features of a mens razor may be 3 blades and a non slip handle, but the benefits of these are that you can get a more accurate shave, save time and look amazing. Great marketers will focus on the benefits of the product over the features as these give a more emotional connection and create desire, more than listing the features alone.

Be innovative!

Think about different avenues and resources you have for marketing your goods. What talents do you have that you could put to use in your campaign? A song or illustration could elevate your communications more than you think. Who do you know that could help? Friends often have connections that could help get you seen by a wider audience so don’t be afraid to call in a favour or two. Basically, think about all your available resources and use them to make the most of your campaign.

Plan, plan and …oh yeah, plan!

Sure this may seem dull, but allocating time to properly plan will pay dividends in the long run. Plan your strategy and use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to schedule your social content in advance. If you don’t do this you will get swept up in the day-to-day running of the business and won’t execute your marketing plan to really get the most from it.


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