Once upon a time…. in the fruit isle!

This morning I took part in an interesting workshop which touched on the concept of #storytelling as one of the most powerful #marketing tools you can harness as a #business owner. It really got me thinking as to how effective storytelling tugs at a deeper part of our being, and is far more than just a dissemination of information.

Stories are designed to create #emotion. Whether that is suspense, intrigue, horror, humour, sadness, joy … a good story will take you on an emotional journey.

Whether you want to admit it or not, we are all emotional beings and we make most of our decisions based on our emotional response to either the past, present or future. Think about it.

What was the last thing you bought?

For me, it was my weekly shop last night at Aldi (I know right! ALL the glamour). Pretty functional you would think, but a scratch beneath the surface tells a different story. Each individual item I placed in my trolley told a different story, and consequently triggered a different emotional response.

A quick example!

Lemons = my husband and I have lemon water every day when we wake up, for health reasons. This is part of our commitment to stay fit and healthy for our kids. I choose organic unwaxed lemons because we are prioritising health with this purchase. EMOTIONAL DECISION

Minced beef = the only way I can get veggies into my kids is via the many incarnations of bolognaise sauce and pasta. I choose British, organic mince beef because I can, but buy less of it so I can bulk it up with minced veggies. Knowing they are getting goodness from this meal makes me feel like a good mum. EMOTIONAL DECISION

Chocolate animal biscuits = my son’s favourite snack de jour, and the thing that makes him so, so happy after school. I want to make him happy because life is just that little bit easier, and maybe it makes him love me more. EMOTIONAL DECISION

And so on…..

As business owners, if you really understood the emotions that go into your #customers’ decisions, how much more powerful could your messaging be?

What stories would you tell that would plant an emotional seed in your customers’ mind and talk to their emotional self rather than just their intellectual self?


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