Our top 4 tips for getting back control of your list..

1. What can you DELETE?

Yep - what just doesn't need to be there? What things are making you a busy fool and really won't make an ounce of difference whether you do them or not? Can you be this honest with yourself, or do you need someone to sanity check this with?

2. What can you DELEGATE?

Do you have to do it all? Can you outsource or pull in a favour from someone? Can your family take on some of the tasks? Is your immediate gut answer to this, the truth?

3. What can you DELAY?

Does it need to be done right now, or will delaying it for a week, or even 6 months, not really matter in the grand scheme of things?

4. What do you just need to DEAL WITH?

Swallow that toad. What support do you need to help you just tackle what needs to be done? Accountability? Stategies? Moral support?


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