Why your voice isn't as bad as you think it is!

I learnt (earlier today) that there is both a psychological and physiological reason you don’t like the sound of your own voice, AND there is something you can do about it!

I have lost count of the amount of clients that tell me they don't like the sound of their own voice. To the point where it is stopping them engaging with some essential social #marketing tools like video, #podcasting, and #interviews, and even talking on the telephone to potential #clients.

👀 I see you.

You think it's just you, yes?

You think that everyone else actually HAS a better voice, and you are fully justified to hate yours, yes?

Show me some love in the comments below if you dislike the sound of your own voice when it is played back to you! [cue everyone]

Now we have cleared that up. Here is the science bit....

Apparently, when we hear ourselves speaking internally, the sound mostly enters our ears via our skull resonating. We experience deeper, richer sounds at a lower frequency, and that is how we expect to sound to others.

With me so far?

However, when a sound is generated outside our bodies, travels through the air and into our ears, it is a different frequency to that we are used to.

So when we hear back a recording of our own voice, we are hearing a mix of the unique frequency from the speakers on the device we are listening to, as well as this higher frequency, thinner, air-conducted version of our voice.

Psychologically, our voice is a key part of our identity, so to have so much dissonance between what we expect to hear and what we actually hear, means that listening to it is actually quite uncomfortable.

"That's all very interesting Lucy, but what can you do about it?"

One word; IMMERSION.

Great advice from Annabelle Buckland she/her from Decibelle Creative who suggests using voice notes on your smart phone, sending voice messages on Messenger and WhatsApp in place of traditional text messages, and basically getting into the habit of hearing your own voice back.

The reason you don't like your voice is because you are not used to hearing it like everyone else does. The more we can hear ourselves, the more we will make peace with our voice.

After all, it is beautifully and uniquely you, and everyone needs to hear it!


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