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"This is the most valuable, insightful, practical and well run course I have been on for years!"

The Power Room

The Power Room is a unique two-day empowerment program.

We passionately believe (and have learnt from first-hand experience) that in order to get what YOU want from life, you need to make peace with your inner confidence-stealers and mind-muddlers. These creatures eat away at your foundation stones and make it much harder to feel strong and empowered to make decisions and take action that serves you.

Over the course of three days (two workshop days and one reflection day) you will be digging deep into what makes you, you, and what you really want. Importantly, you will also be developing techniques to ensure you follow through and make the changes you need to make.

Our aim is for you to leave this program feeling inspired, uplifted, and motivated with renewed clarity and confidence, plus have access to an incredible community of women you can lean on when you need it most.

Can we do all that in three days? We are sure going to try!

How much is it?

The full program is £200 (inclusive of VAT)

This includes;

- two workshop days (9.30am GMT - 2.30pm GMT),

- a 100 page workbook,

- access to The Power Room slack community.

Can I run a Power Room for my team?

Yes. We offer an in-house version of The Power Room. Get in touch for more information. 

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"I got so much out of the sessions and I now feel equipped to make some great changes that will make such an impact to me and my loved ones."