Our 10 top tips to get the most out of exhibiting

Exhibiting at events can be expensive and time consuming, but as long we really look to squeeze as much juice from them as we can, they can also be one of the most valuable pieces of marketing we do. 


Because we get to actually be with our customer. We get to create an experience for them that is memorable and seductive. We get to show the very best of ourselves and hopefully pick up some new business. But not only that - arguably the most important part of exhibiting at an event is our ability to learn about our customer; their likes and dislikes, their reaction to our products and/or services, what they look like, what they say, what they pick up and touch, what questions they ask etc. Especially for businesses that rarely get to eyeball their customers, these events can be the gateway to business success. 


However, we only are not only investing money in hiring the space. We are also investing in the time to plan, prep, attend and follow up. Investing in marketing collateral and displays to attract attention. Investing in stock. Investing in staff. Not to mention the ‘opportunity cost’ (what we could have achieved with that same time and money). 

To help you get the very best from your next event, here are our Top 10 Tips for Exhibiting at an event. 

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